Having issues with Starfield's FOV? Well you're not alone, but luckily there's already a fix

 A Starfield screenshot featuring Andreja in a space suit.
A Starfield screenshot featuring Andreja in a space suit.

Starfield is in many ways the most polished Bethesda game at launch ever. However, that still hasn't stopped the developer shipping the game with a few noticeable omissions when it comes to display options on PC.

Foremost among those omissions, as highlighted by gamers on the Starfield subreddit, is the lack of a field of view slider in the game's display options menu, which one PC gamer on the thread has described as "insane that this isn't built in".

The ability to tweak FOV is typically important on PC as gamers have all sorts of monitor shapes and sizes—and also sit closer to the screen than their console counterparts do. Too narrow an FOV can cause motion sickness.

Luckily though, if you are one of those gamers suffering from Starfield's locked standard FOV, a fix has already been created in the form of a modified .ini file, which widens the game's first-person and third-person FOV from 70 to 100.

How to change your FOV in Starfield

After grabbing the free fix over at Nexus Mods, all gamers need to do is drop the included custom .ini file into their 'Documents/MyGames/Starfield' folder. Or, you can just make it yourself. Head to that same folder and, using Notepad or a similar text editor, create a file called StarfieldCustom.ini. Inside, add the following lines:


To modify the FOV, just change the above values to your desired number. The top line is the FOV for first-person mode, while the bottom is for third-person.

And, that's it. Just then boot up the game as usual and the new FOV will be in place.

I can confirm after testing that this method and custom .ini work perfectly. My findings are that the widened FOV is a particular improvement when in first-person mode, letting you see more of a scene at any one time.

Starfield FOV mod before and after
Starfield FOV mod before and after

Starfield third-person FOV, before and after the tweaked .ini (Image credit: Nexus Mods user: hellstorm102)

Now let's have 32:9 ultra-widescreen monitor support please, too

One other omission right now in the Starfield display options menu is support for 32:9 ultra-widescreen monitors, a fact that has stymied my own enjoyment of the space odyssey so far. For months I've been thinking about how good Starfield's vistas and space battles would look on my display, but right now I'm locked to playing at 16:9 and at just FHD resolutions, too. Here's hoping that some talented modders get a fix out for this sharpish, or Bethesda acts quickly and officially patches the support into the game.

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