Harvey Weinstein’s First Appearance Since New York Conviction Overturned Set for May 1

Harvey Weinstein will appear in court in New York May 1, according to media reports.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office revealed the court date Friday, with the media mogul expected to appear before Judge Curtis Farber Wednesday at 2:15 p.m.

New York’s top court overturned Weinstein’s 2020 conviction on felony sex crimes charges Thursday in a shocking reversal. The ruling stemmed from the most high-profile case in the #MeToo movement.

The February 2020 conviction resulted in a jury finding the Miramax cofounder guilty of third-degree rape of Jessica Mann and a criminal sexual act against actress Miriam Haley. It also found him not guilty of two other major charges — predatory sexual assault against Haley, Mann and “Sopranos” actress Annabella Scoirra as welll as the first-degree rape of Mann.

The court found that the trial judge unfairly allowed testimony against Weinstein based on allegations that weren’t part of the case to sway the jury and determine the original outcome. The vote was 4-3.

Weinstein’s conviction for sexual assault in California stands, and thus the 72-year-old movie boss will remain in prison for the original 16 year sentence he was given in 2022 for the 2013 sexual assault and rape of an Italian model in a Beverly Hills hotel room. He has so far served four years out of his 23-year sentence from the recently overturned ruling.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office intends to retry Weinstein, and at least one of his accusers said through her lawyer that she would testify again.

Haleyi made those comments in a press conference with her lawyer Gloria Allred present following the New York Court of Appeals’ Thursday decision. She called her past experience testifying “traumatizing, exhausting and terrifying,” stressing that the first trial took two years of preparation.

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