Harry Winston’s Latest Collection of Gems Brings Magic to the Menagerie

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Photo credit: Don Penny
Photo credit: Don Penny

Above: Blue Python necklace with sapphires and diamonds set in platinum. Blue Magpie brooch with cabochon tourmaline, onyx, sapphires, rubellite, and diamonds set in platinum. Prices upon request.

In nature, not everything is as it seems. Harry Winston mines this tension to multifaceted effect with its new Marvelous Creations high jewelry collection, which sees a walk on the wild side reimagined as a decorative feast for the modern vanity.

Take, for example, the Blue Python necklace, which appears scarcely like its reptilian namesake until closer inspection reveals hundreds of sapphires and diamonds set side by side to mimic the scales of a snake. It’s a figurative expression of the serpent that deftly illustrates Harry Winston’s prowess for culling the soft and supple from unyielding stone, without a visible trace of the platinum setting—all the better to keep eyes on the 15-carat cornflower blue sapphire drop.

Elsewhere in the collection, the brand nods to nature’s mystical side in rings set with vibrant gemstones that possess a rare trait known as asterism, a star-shaped pattern of reflected light, and a Betta Fish brooch with diamond fins that fan in and out depending on the exuberance of the wearer. Finally, a series of artistic bird brooches celebrates the beauty of flight. Composed of hundreds of gemstones, diamonds, and onyx, each expertly cut and positioned to resemble wings that delicately move, it’s the animal kingdom, polished to perfection.

Styled by Parker Bowie Larson

Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

This story originally appeared in the Winter 2022 issue of ELLE DECOR.

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