Harry Styles praised after using sign language to thank ASL interpreter at Grammys

Harry Styles has earned praise from Grammys viewers after he signed “thank you” to the ASL interpreter who translated for him while he spoke backstage after his surprising win.

On Sunday 5 February, the “As It Was” singer became the centre of attention when he took home the coveted award for Album of the Year for his album “Harry’s House”.

Following a controversial acceptance speech, Styles, who also received the trophy for Best Pop Vocal Album, spoke to reporters backstage about his surprise to receive the award and his gratitude to be chosen. During the interview, Styles was joined by an ASL interpreter who translated his responses to reporters.

At the conclusion of his backstage interview, the singer thanked the audience before turning to thank the translator in sign language, according to a TikTok of the brief moment.

In the clip, Styles is seen turning towards the woman until he had her attention at which point he signed a quick “thank you” in ASL. The interpreter then returned the gesture, before smiling widely.

“Harry thanked the audience and then signed thank you to the interpreter,” the caption on the video reads. As of 8 February, it has been viewed more than four million times.

The viral clip has since sparked an outpouring of praise for Styles, with many applauding him for the display of inclusivity.

“This is very sweet,” one person commented, while another viewer said: “He makes sure to include everyone and it means so much to me.”

“It’s the little things that show you who someone is,” someone else said.

Others pointed out the impact that the token of thanks seemed to have on the interpreter, with many suggesting she was also grateful that Styles’ chose to sign his gratitude.

“You can tell that made her day,” one person claimed, while someone else said: “The way she smiles afterward. I am crying.”

Styles previously revealed that he was taking sign language classes in March 2020 during an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra Residency about how he was spending his time in lockdown.

“Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill and try a new hobby or something, right? We have nothing but time. I was learning Italian and doing some sign language classes,” he said, according to People.

The use of ASL interpreters on the Grammys red carpet began last year as part of the Recording Academy’s efforts to make the awards show more inclusive and accessible. Ahead of this year’s ceremony, the Recording Academy hired Amber G Productions, an ASL interpreting agency that specialises in music and entertainment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.