Harry Potter fans in Egypt unite for films' 20th anniversary

The event organised by Potter Heads' Egyptian affiliate included steaming butterbeer, quidditch matches, duels and potions.

Walking around campus fans crowded stalls offering merchandise and lined up to play trivia to win points for their houses.

Liquid luck and polyjuice potions were also being sold, while many of the young girls attending rushed to buy love potions.

Youssef Nosseir who calls himself the "Egyptian Harry" and who turned 20 this year with the film says its been a source of comfort for him over the years.

"When I want to run away from reality I just re-watch Harry Potter and it makes me feel safe," he said.

The event comes just over a week before the much anticipated cast reunion set to premiere on HBO Max on New Year's Day.

"They chose perfect time (to hold the event), it could be a coincidence but a good coincidence and it coincides in the same week almost as reunion week, so it's really exciting," said 28-year-old Mahinour Tawfik just after having her picture taken with an owl.

The day-long event ended with an outdoor screening of one of the films.

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