Are Harry and Jessica from 'Perfect Match' season 2 still together?

Are Harry and Jessica from 'Perfect Match' season 2 still together?
  • Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal are one of the most popular couples in "Perfect Match" season two.

  • Fans previously speculated that the pair dated in 2023.

  • Here's what we know about their relationship on the show and whether they are still together.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Perfect Match" season two.

Netflix reality star Harry Jowsey and "Love Is Blind" fan-favorite cast member Jessica Vestal broke up in the "Perfect Match" season two finale.

In season two, stars from "Squid Game: The Challenge," "Love Is Blind" and other shows date each other to find their perfect match.

The series gives Netflix the opportunity to give fan-favorite reality contestants more screen time while promoting their lesser-known shows like as "The Trust: A Game of Greed" and "Dated & Related."

In season two, Harry, who had a reputation for being a player, said when he arrived at the house that he was ready to settle down in a serious relationship.

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal were matched together for a date by Kaz Bishop and Micah Lussier in "Perfect Match" season 2.
Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal were matched together for a date by Kaz Bishop and Micah Lussier in "Perfect Match" season 2.Courtesy of Netflix

His costars were doubtful, but he persevered, and in episode three, he coupled up with Jessica, who starred in the latest season of "Love Is Blind."

The pair fought in episodes three and five when Jessica questioned Harry's honesty after she heard negative comments from other contestants. But Jessica stuck by him.

Their relationship got messy in episode eight, after the male contestants went on a trip away from their partners and met a group of female contestants.

Harry was caught in a cheating scandal after Melinda Berry accused him of kissing her off-camera. Harry denied the kisses, but Holly Scarfone said she saw it.

When all the contestants got back to the house, Melinda told Jessica, and Jessica was unsure who to believe. In the season finale, Jessica decided not to rematch with Harry, meaning they both had to leave the competition.

According to a post-credit scene in the finale, the pair got back together a month after filming, but they have since broken up.

Both stars told Entertainment Tonight in June that they are single now. Jessica also said in a clip shared by Netflix on X that she no longer talks to Harry.

Even before the season finale, there were clues they were no longer dating. Here's why.

Jessica and Harry were photographed together in Mexico last year

Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey competing in a "Perfect Match" couples challenge.
Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey competing in a "Perfect Match" couples challenge.Courtesy of Netflix

Before "Perfect Match" aired fans were already speculating whether Harry and Jessica were dating.

In March, TMZ and PageSix published pictures of Harry and Jessica kissing that they claim were taken in June 2023 in Tulum, Mexico.

However, these photographs may have been taken while the cast was filming "Perfect Match" season two since the series was filmed in Tulum.

Harry confirmed in the episode of his podcast, "Boyfriend Material with Harry Jowsey," which aired on June 11, that the series was filmed in the summer of 2023.

Alternatively, they could have been spotted after filming. Harry said on Tuesday's episode of "Boyfriend Material" that he and Jess spent another week together in Mexico after filming to work on their relationship.

He also said they went on a holiday to Cancún too.

"Jess didn't need to do that. It just shows you her character like she really leads with her heart. She's really a sweet human, and I guess she just really wanted to make it work out," Harry said before adding that the relationship did not work out in the end.

Jessica implied she was single in March.

In March of this year, Jessica seemed to push back on the idea that she was dating someone.

She posted a TikTok, captioning it: "Trust, y'all will know when someone has wifed me up. Let's focus on the ones who actually might be."

It isn't as definitive as "I'm not in a relationship," but certainly points to an ongoing relationship with Harry being unlikely.

In February, Jessica also spoke about another possible non-Harry romance.

She said on the "Viall Files" podcast that she was attracted to a costar from "Love Is Blind" season six.

"I had another strong connection there," Jessica said. "I can't say any names because I'm still trying to sort some things out."

Jess and I stayed in Mexico we went to Cancun for like a week after


it to try and work on ourselves and stuff like that but again I was being a bit of a drunk sausage

Harry said he broke up with a secret girlfriend last year.

Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey dancing salsa.
Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey dancing salsa in "Dancing With The Stars" season 32.Christopher Willard/ABC

In the fall of 2023, Harry partnered up with professional dancer Rylee Arnold to compete in "Dancing With The Stars" season 32.

However, fans began speculating that the dancing partners were dating after seeing their chemistry and reading reports that they spent Thanksgiving together.

Harry shut down the rumors at the time, telling Business Insider in November: "I try and ignore it all because I just want to focus on the dancing. If I get distracted with dating stuff and all that stuff, then I'm probably not going to be a good dancer."

In April, Harry said on his podcast, "Boyfriend Material with Harry Jowsey," that he was actually in a secret relationship during the filming of "Dancing With the Stars."

"All those edits kind of brought me and my girlfriend at the time apart," Harry said, referring to TikTok videos that elevated the dating rumors about him and Rylee.

"I was madly in love with this girl," Harry said. "It was probably just infatuation, but I thought it was love. Obviously, it ended up ending, and it fizzled out because it's so difficult to see your boyfriend or girlfriend on 'Dancing with the Stars' being that close with someone else."

Harry credited the secret girlfriend for keeping him steady during his sudden rise in fame until they eventually broke up.

Jessica calls Harry a red flag in TikTok videos

Dom Gabriel, Stevan Ditter, Jessica Vestal, Harry Jowsey in "Perfect Match" season two.
Dom Gabriel, Stevan Ditter and Jessica Vestal in "Perfect Match" season two.Courtesy of Netflix

Throughout "Perfect Match," Jessica's costars warned her of Harry's poor dating history. However, Jessica ignores them and continues to date him.

After the first episodes of "Perfect Match" aired on June 7, Jessica also began calling Harry a "red flag" on TikTok which seems to imply that they are no longer dating.

On Monday, she posted a video with the caption: "When the entire house is telling you that your match is the world's largest red flag but you gotta see it through."

On Sunday, she appeared in another video shared by her "Perfect Match" costar, Micah Lussier, about their partners on the show.

"When everyone warned you about your man, but you're a lover girl at heart, so you're gonna stick beside him against your better judgment," Micah captioned the post.

Harry meanwhile commented on his relationship with Jessica after the show aired on the latest episode of his podcast.

However, he had nothing but good things to say about her and even said she was "the love of my life."

"I thought that Jess was the most incredible most beautiful woman that I've ever seen in my life," he said.

Harry and Jessica are not following each other on Instagram

The biggest clue that they're not together is that Harry and Jessica don't follow each other on Instagram.

Harry has shared videos and pictures of their time together on the show, but Business Insider has checked and he doesn't follow Jessica. In fact, Harry only follows some of his male costars from the show.

Jessica follows most of her male and female costars but not Harry.

This likely means they're no longer on good terms.

Correction: June 17, 2024 — An earlier version of this story misstated the number of episodes in the spoiler warning. There were nine episodes, not six.

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