Harriet Tubman monument unveiled in New Jersey

STORY: Location: Newark, New Jersey

This monument replaces the Columbus statue which was removed during the 2020 George Floyd protests

It's named ‘Shadow of a Face’ and is dedicated to abolitionist icon Harriet Tubman

Date: March 9, 2023

Audio recordings narrated by Queen Latifah tell visitors about the life of the anti-slavery activist

Artist Nina Cooke John says the monument was designed with accessibility in mind

[Nina Cooke John, New Jersey artist and architect]

"Right here at eye level where we can connect to her is the personal story. The human story of Harriet Tubman. When we connect to our heroes as people, we can better be inspired by them to act. We don't feel like, 'oh, you know, they are the superheroes,' but regular people."

An escaped slave herself, Tubman helped roughly 70 slaves escape to freedom using the Underground Railroad

The statue is part of a wider effort to recognize her achievements, including adding her face to $20 bills