Will ‘Hard Knocks’ Show Players Get COVID Tests? ‘It’s a Fair Assumption’

Tim Baysinger

Although the coronavirus pandemic will be the not-so-hidden elephant in the room during “Hard Knocks'” 15th season this summer, the producers are unclear if that means they’ll be able to show anything related to testing. NFL Films vice president Ken Rodgers, who also serves as senior coordinating producer for the HBO docuseries, told TheWrap during a zoom press conference Thursday that it’s “a fair assumption we’re going to shoot the process,” it remains to be seen if that will make it out of the edit bay. Even so, Rogers added that they don’t want to make every episode about who is and isn’t getting tested. “Are we going to show 90 results every show? No,” he explained. “I don’t think anyone’s really interested in that.” HIPPA privacy laws state that an employer or hospital cannot release a person’s medical information — such as a positive test for COVID-19 — without that person’s consent. But since each episode of “Hard Knocks” is shown a few weeks after events have taken place, they’re behind the news cycle. What happens if news gets out that a player or coach on the Rams or Chargers, the two teams that will be profiled this season,...

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