'Happy Mother's Day... From a Distance': Grandmother Grabs Gifts With Litter Picker

A family-based in Birkenhead, England, found a way to visit grandma on Mother’s Day while observing the COVID-19 social distancing precautions on March 22.

Video shot by Charlie Griffiths shows her mother-in-law, who is wearing a medical mask, accepting a pink card and a bouquet of flowers using a litter picker to grab the items from inside her home.

Griffiths posted the video on her Twitter account with the caption: “Visiting my mother-in-law, who decided to give us a gift of laughter – much needed at this time.”

The United Kingdom and Ireland celebrated Mother’s Days on Sunday, March 22, amid new coronavirus self-isolation guidelines. Many people found creative ways to take part in the holiday while also observing safety measures. Credit: Charlie Griffiths via Storyful