‘Happy Face Killer’ Tells Gilgo Beach Murder Suspect to Confess

James Carbone/Reuters
James Carbone/Reuters

The “Happy Face Killer,” a truck driver named Keith Jesperson who murdered eight women and was handed multiple life sentences in 1995, has reportedly been in contact with accused Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann while both men are behind bars. The Daily Mail, which obtained some of the correspondence, reported that Jesperson instructed Heuermann to confess to allegedly killing three sex workers to avoid the media storm of a criminal trial and everyone knowing about his case. He also sent The Lighter Side of Serial Killers podcast Heuermann’s letter in response thanking Jesperson for his “letters and advice.” “They have been a help and comfort to me,” wrote Heuermann. “I do understand what you have said and taken it to heart.” Later in the letter, Heuermann asked his new pen pal for a strange favor, writing, “Do you have butter for your bread? How is the day-to-day food—I will admit that food on SCCF (Suffolk County Correctional Facility) is not much to look forward to each day.” Jesperson reassured Heuermann that the food is better in prison than in his current Long Island jail cell.

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