What Happens to “Claim to Fame” Contestants When They're Eliminated (No, They Don't Go Home)

Executive producers Eric Detwiler and Scott Teti spoke with PEOPLE exclusively about what happens during the 'Claim to Fame' guess-off

<p>ABC/John Fleenor</p> JR and Chris on Claim to Fame season 2

ABC/John Fleenor

JR and Chris on Claim to Fame season 2

Claim to Fame season 3 is officially underway!

Following the premiere on July 10, fans have wasted no time theorizing about all the contestants and who their celebrity relative is.

Co-hosted by Kevin and Franklin Jonas, the series follows 12 contestants who each have a famous relative. As they film the series all under one roof, they are tasked with uncovering everyone else’s identities while trying to keep their own a secret.

While fans at home have the benefit of using the internet to sleuth, contestants are pretty much disconnected from the outside world while filming, making it even harder to research their competition. However, they do have the help of various games and a huge clue board in the house.

After a series of games, each episode ends with two contestants going head-to-head in a guess-off, where one contestant ultimately goes home.

However, they don’t actually go home when they’re eliminated. Executive producers Eric Detwiler and Scott Teti previously spoke with PEOPLE about all the extensive rules, including what happens to contestants when they’re eliminated.

Here’s everything to know about the guess-off.

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What are the rules of the guess off on Claim to Fame?

<p>John Fleenor/ABC</p> Gabe and Travis on Claim to Fame

John Fleenor/ABC

Gabe and Travis on Claim to Fame

At the of each episode, a guess-off takes place between two contestants, after which one is ultimately sent home. The guesser comes down to the bottom two cast members from that week’s game and is ultimately decided upon by the rest of the contestants. From there, the guesser is able to select whomever they want to guess their celebrity relative, which is when all the sleuthing behind the scenes comes in handy.

One crucial element of the guess-off is that the contestant must be 100 percent sure about the celebrity relative’s name and the correct pronunciation. “They have one shot to say the name correctly — in its entirety and with the correct pronunciation — or they will be the one going home,” Detwiler and Teti told PEOPLE in an email interview.

One prime example of this was in season 2 when Gabe was conflicted about whether the name of Travis’ celebrity relative was Neil deGrasse Tyson or Neil Tyson deGrasse. As Detwiler and Teti pointed out, “Had he said it incorrectly, he would have been the one going home.”

Another factor to keep in mind is that a contestant could be related to two different celebrities. As the rules state, they can only select one celebrity relative for the game, but some clues may lead people astray. For example, season 2 contestant Karsyn chose Dale Earnhardt Jr. as her celebrity relative but she is also the granddaughter of Dale Earnhardt Sr. If someone had guessed Dale Earnhardt Sr. as her relative, they would have gone home.

What happens when Claim to Fame contestants are eliminated?

<p>ABC/John Fleenor</p> Claim to Fame cast during elimination

ABC/John Fleenor

Claim to Fame cast during elimination

Though one contestant is “sent home” at the end of each episode, they don’t actually go home immediately. As Detwiler and Teti pointed out, contestants are “sequestered” following elimination.

“They stay in a hotel until the finale, when they return to the house for one final bit of gameplay,” Detwiler and Teti revealed.

Kevin Jonas previously told PEOPLE that that rule specifically was the most surprising for him. “The biggest of the rules was the contestants couldn’t leave! So they really had to keep up their cover stories for a very long time,” he explained. “It was less about the rules and more about the challenge of keeping your story straight.”

Do Claim to Fame contestants return to the show after they’re eliminated?

<p>ABC/John Fleenor</p>

ABC/John Fleenor

Yes, contestants return for the season finale for an extra twist on the guessing game. “Some sequestered players have had a lot of time to reflect and process info about other players, so when they are reunited with fellow castmates they often have a lot to tell!” Detwiler and Teti teased.

Obviously, this makes the season finale much more interesting as contestants are able to help their former allies with new information — or even use that information against their biggest opponents.

Detwiler has confirmed that season 3 will bring back former contestants for the finale, but this time with an added twist. “[It will be] in a really fun, evolved way,” Detwiler teased to TV Insider.

Additionally, one of the biggest rules about the finale has changed. “If you win the last challenge, it does not mean that you are in full control,” Kevin told TV Insider. “So, it’s going to be a little bit more problematic at the end. The friends you made along the way — or enemies — will matter.”

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