This is what happened when Meghan and Harry reunited with William and Kate

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After a last-minute change of plans (regarding the order in which everybody arrived at the Commonwealth Day service), today marked a special reunion of four royals: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (who is soon to become a godfather again), and Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Commonwealth Day celebration at Westminster Abbey is the last official royal occasion that Meghan and Harry will attend as working family members, although it's believed they'll reappear at Buckingham Palace later in the year for another event, just in a different guise.

Meghan and Harry arrived just a few minutes before William and Kate, who they haven't been seen out with since November 2019 (when they all attended Remembrance Day events).

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After greeting a line of significant people, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Harry and Meghan were shown to their seats – where Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, were waiting. Prince William and Kate were seated shortly after, and Meghan could be spotted mouthing "Hello" at her brother in-law and his wife, as they took their spots one row in front. Meghan then had a short conversation with Harry's Uncle, Edward.

There are a few possible explanations as to why this interaction wasn't a flurry of hugs and "Hi babe, your hat looks stunning!" type greetings. The first being that well, it's kind of awkward to just start chatting to your brother and his wife/brother and sister-in-law in the middle of a large-scale ceremony, in an incredibly fancy church, knowing all eyes are on you. Isn't it?

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Kate and William were also seated a row in front of Meghan and Harry, and several chairs away – meaning it was easier for both parties to directly turn and chat to The Wessexes instead.

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It could also be in part due to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge not being the biggest fans of the spotlight (they even have a sneaky way of preventing photographers from getting clear shots of them). It's fairly safe to say that because the foursome haven't been pictured together in some time, that there could be a lot of overanalysing of any interactions between the family taking place – so maybe they wanted to avoid that.

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The Commonwealth Day service saw performances from singers Alexandra Burke and Craig David (who Prince Harry later fist-bumped on his way out of the abbey), and a moving speech by boxer, Anthony Joshua. The event marks the diversity, links and commitment of the 54 commonwealth nations, many of which are former territories of the British Empire.

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Equally, just because they didn't have a chinwag today in public, that doesn't mean Meghan, Harry, Kate and William didn't head off somewhere gorgeously posh for a private catch-up later on.

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