Hannity draws parallel between Noem’s and Biden’s dog problems

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday night compared the backlash South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) is facing over shooting and killing a hunting dog to the headlines around President Biden’s dog, Commander.

Hannity, who had Noem on for an interview, said experts on dogs he knows told him once a dog shows aggressive behavior, “it’s very difficult to change and alter that behavior.”

“Look at the case of Joe Biden,” the host continued. “In that particular case, if somebody is biting people in large numbers like that, it’s a sad thing to do, but at some point doesn’t it become the responsible thing for the safety of others that you don’t allow a dog — at least around anybody else, at the very least?”

Biden’s dog Commander was removed from the White House in the fall after multiple biting incidents involving staffers and U.S. Secret Service officers.

Noem, who is in the running to be former President Trump’s vice presidential running mate, has said she needed to kill the dog because “it was a dog that was extremely dangerous.”

“This dog had come to us from another family that had already found her to be too aggressive,” she said Wednesday.

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