Hannah Ann Sluss Just Made a Shady Reference to Her and Peter Weber’s Breakup on Instagram

Starr Bowenbank
Photo credit: Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

  • Hannah Ann Sluss just made an Instagram post about trust in relationships.
  • Some think it might be subtle shade towards her ex, Peter Weber.

It’s officially been two weeks since The Bachelor ended—feel old yet? You totally should, because so much happened in that one season finale that will go down in history for being messy AF. As you may recall, Bachelor Peter Weber ended up getting engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss...only to break up with her for Madison Prewett (who he also broke up with). I’m still not over it, and neither is Hannah Ann, because she’s out here posting about trusting again post-Peter.

On Instagram, Hannah Ann wrote, “Trusting can be really difficult but without it, connectivity and relationships suffer. For those who have freely trusted and been let down, I feel you. It takes guts to trust once again, to rebuild the courage to be vulnerable and transparent.” Hannah Ann obvi didn’t mention Peter, but come on—she didn’t have to. It’s called ~being subtle~! And for what it’s worth, people in the comments picked up on it too.

And if for some reason you’re convinced that this isn’t Peter shade, remember: Hannah Ann expressed a similar sentiment about vulnerability and being truthful in a relationship when she posted after The Bachelor’s finale.

She wrote:

“So grateful to @abcnetwork and all the people involved in the show for making this difficult experience one that I could endure. I made a commitment to myself to be consistent, genuine, and truthful through this journey and I remained that way to the very end. Allowing yourself to love someone is a vulnerable place to be, but I am thankful that I gave myself a chance in finding love regardless of the outcome. I encourage anyone looking for love to always stay true to you. Don’t accept anything less than 100% of someone’s heart—YOU DESERVE IT! Thank you from the bottom my heart for the love and support from old & new friends along the way. Your kind words brighten my day! Xo”

In short: God bless Hannah Ann. It’s like she knew I was thirsting for a hot cup of tea!

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