Hamas to respond to Israel's hostage proposal in 48 hours

Hamas to respond to Israel's hostage proposal in 48 hours

Hamas will respond to the latest proposed deal on the hostages within 48 hours, according to Israeli media. The Hebrew state demanded the release of 33 women, children, the elderly and the sick, while Hamas claimed to have only 20 of them.

Israel claimed that its demand was an indisputable condition and threatened ground intervention in Rafah if such a release did not take place. Armoured vehicles have been spotted in the vicinity of the city.

If Israel enters Rafah by land, the offensive could cause enormous damage to civilians, as the city is overcrowded with refugees. On Saturday, Netanyahu said that not even a ruling by the International Criminal Court would affect Israel's military actions.

He said this in reference to information published last week about the alleged possibility of the International Criminal Court in The Hague issuing arrest warrants for Netanyahu and other politicians and politicians.

More humanitarian aid arrives in the Gaza Strip

In the face of international pressure, Israel intensifies the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza. The Israeli military released a video of the ongoing construction of a floating jetty complex, intended to receive seaborne aid, mostly by the US military, which "sponsors" the construction.

The Israeli army, since the beginning of the current war against Hamas, has defended the arrival of humanitarian aid. However, several NGOs and international organizations have condemned the fact that at a practical and logistical level it is not making it easier.