Halsey Concert Canceled as Heavy Rain Floods Maryland Arena

Water gushed down the bleachers at the Merriweather Post Pavilion on Thursday, June 8, as soaked Halsey fans waited in vain for the pop star’s concert to begin at the flooded venue in Columbia, Maryland.

Halsey was scheduled to take the stage at 7 pm but severe weather forced the venue to delay and subsequently cancel the show.

Video recorded by Ben Kelkis shows water streaming down the bleachers around concertgoers.

Halsey took to Twitter to say she wanted “more than anything” to carry on with the show but that it would be “SO unsafe”.

She added that she was “beyond disappointed with the way the venue handled everything” and that her rescheduled concert would be held at a different location. Credit: Ben Kelkis via Storyful

Video transcript


- You can stay. [LAUGHS]

- Yes, the world is an ocean.

- Ahh!

- The sea levels are rising, baby!


- This is almost as bad as our basement last summer.

- Wild!


- It's raining sideways.


- Oh my God.

- Whoa.


- Poor Alex.

- I mean, she's floating away.

- I mean, I'm not going anywhere.


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