Halo Infinite Player Wins 100 Free-For-All Matches In A Row

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Two spartan soldiers engage in a firefight in the central square of the Bazaar map in Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode.
Two spartan soldiers engage in a firefight in the central square of the Bazaar map in Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode.

Talk about redefining “unfriggenbelievable.” A Halo Infinite player recently went 100-and-0 during an impressive spree of free-for-all matches in 343 Industries’ popular multiplayer shooter.

Remy “Mint Blitz,” an Australia-based Halo content creator who streams on YouTube and Twitch, has made a name for himself as a creative, boundary-pushing player. You may recognize Blitz as the dude who pinpointed a Halo Infinite campaign exploit before the game even came out that allows you to fly across the map. Most recently, he posted a compilation of a 100-victory spree on YouTube. It is absolutely bananas and well worth checking out, whether you’re a Halo fan or not:

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“Winning 100 games straight was incredibly stressful,” Blitz said in the video. “I had my friends, when I was reaching the 90s, saying, ‘Oh, don’t choke on 100.’”

There was, unfortunately, just one hiccup: As he was up by ten kills, his PC froze mid-match—right as he was about to score the final point. But c’mon, let’s be fair. That gets a hall pass. The streak ultimately culminated at “105, 106 straight” victories, per Blitz, before he got lapped in kills by a competing player. “I couldn’t outkill the guy in first place,” Blitz said.

Obviously, winning more than 100 games in a row demands some formidable skill, plus a deep knowledge of how Infinite’s multiplayer levels are laid out. Still, some of these plays are downright ridiculous. Beyond the triple kills, the overkills, and the killtaculars, there’s no shortage of mind-boggling sticks,when you adhere a plasma grenade to an opponent, resulting in a guaranteed kill. Blitz possesses the extra prowess of making Halo Infinite incredibly fun to watch.

The exercise forced Blitz to switch up his typical strategies, which have long relied on Halo’s trusty sniper rifle. But Blitz noted how, over the span of 100-plus games, he rarely came across the sniper rifle in free-for-all matches. Weapon spawn points in Halo Infinite alternate between two possible options. The sniper rifle’s spawn point, Blitz said, was often occupied by the skewer, a new Halo gun that sports long range and kills anyone in one hit but has significant bullet drop.

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Instead, Blitz found himself relying on gear—specifically, the repulsor, or what Halo Infinite experts refer to as “the pushy thingy.” The repulsor seemed most effective on the Recharge stage; Blitz posted up in the room with the generator, and repeatedly pushed unwitting opponents off the edge.

The repulsor kills go hand-in-hand with a curious strategy. Blitz would shoot his weapon at nothing, which might seem like little more than a needless waste of ammo. But even this has a point. By shooting his weapon, Blitz registered on enemies’ motion trackers. They’d come around the corner to see what’s up, and then…whoosh! Right off the edge. Over and over and over again, with such frequency it picks up the cadence of a comedy routine. Small wonder Blitz says an all-repulsor victory is next on the list.

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