Find Out What You Should Be for Halloween This Year in Five Minutes or Less

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Find Out What You Should Be for Halloween This Year in Five Minutes or Less

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Deciding what to be for Halloween is hard — after all, there are so many options. You could choose something classic, like an alien or vampire. Or you could choose something more timely, like a costume inspired by a new movie, TV show, or Snapchat filter. It all comes down to your preferences, along with the amount of time you have to put together your outfit and the type of event you're attending (or, more likely this year, the type of virtual Halloween event you're logging on to).

Ahead, we've made a quiz to help you find out what to be for Halloween. Whether you live for dressing up as something spooky or prefer Halloween's sweeter side, these creative Halloween costumes run the gamut from cute, comfy, timely, and timeless. We've included classics like adorable DIY costumes as well as badass looks inspired by the year's most exciting action and adventure films. No matter what types of costumes you prefer, our quiz will help you figure out what to be for Halloween.

If you chose spooky decorations...

Setting up a spooky display is one of the best parts of the Halloween season. If it's your favorite part, then dress as a scary skeleton. You'll look right at home next to all of your haunted house decorations — and this cozy onesie will keep you warm while you do it.

If you chose candy...

Show your sweet side this Halloween by dressing as one of the holiday's favorite handouts: a Hershey's bar. If you prefer homemade costumes to premade ones, you could DIY yourself into a Hershey's kiss by wearing a metallic dress and a silver party hat with a Hershey's tassel.

If you chose apple picking...

If apple picking is your jam, that means you take Halloween seriously. Throw on this jack o'lantern dress for something classic and cute. This look also works perfectly for office Zoom parties or trick-or-treating with kids. It'll show your festive spirit without stealing the spotlight.

If you chose tailgaiting...

This Dodgeball uniform is a classic Halloween costume for a reason: it's easy, cute, and comfy — the outfit is basically just gym shorts and a T-shirt, after all. Before you put on this 'fit, make sure you know the five D's of dodgeball: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge. People are bound to ask.

If you have a bit of time...

Photo credit: Mike Garten
Photo credit: Mike Garten

Try a Halloween costume that's also a fun craft. Start by pulling up Instagram stories on your phone and selecting the dog filter. Then, point the phone at a blank surface like a wall and take a screenshot. Print the screenshot on a thick board and cut out the middle to fit your face. Finish it off by adding makeup and accessories to mirror the filter's.

If you're down to the wire...

Photo credit: Mike Garten
Photo credit: Mike Garten

If you're short on time, then DIYing is necessary. Upcycle an old, possibly broken umbrella into an easy bat costume. Cut your umbrella in half and use black safety pins or hot glue to attach it to the arms of a black hoodie. Fasten the hinges of the metal umbrella pieces with black electrical tape, so they can properly fold. Create ears with foam core and feathers for added texture. Now you're ready to fly off into the night.

If you chose heroes...

With her very own Marvel movie, Black Widow is bound the be the ultimate hero of 2021 (and boy, do we need one). Dressing up as this courageous character is easy; you could buy a ready-made costume or simply pair a black unitard with a fiery red wig. If you're dressing up in a group costume, don't forget the rest of your Marvel superhero squad.

If you chose villains...

Agatha Harkness became the villian we couldn't get enough of this year. She's not completely evil, but she also isn't exactly doing "good," and we saw all of her incredible antics play out in the epic WandaVision series.

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