Haitians protest, pay tribute to president

In Haiti's capital, mourners laid flowers at a tribute to President Jovenel Moise on Wednesday, marking one week since his assassination.

On the same day, scattered protests broke out as fuel shortages added to concerns over insecurity.

Moise was shot dead at his home by what Haitian authorities describe as a unit of assassins, including two Haitian Americans and 26 Colombians, five of which are still on the run.

A third Haitian American, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, was arrested on Sunday by Haitian authorities. They have accused him of being a mastermind of the attack.

Another name that has come to light is World Wide Capital Lending Group who Haitian police say is responsible for fundraising the crime.

The company, which is based in Florida did not reply to a request for comment.

Police name former Haitian Senator John Joel Joseph as a key player in the plot.

He supplied weapons and planned meetings. Authorities are searching for him.

Moise's killing has plunged poverty-stricken Haiti into chaos.

The fuel shortage has paralyzed Haiti's biggest city, Port-au-Prince.

Residents blamed the fuel shortage on gangs and opportunistic black market sellers.

On Wednesday Haiti's U.N. Ambassador Antonio Rodrigue appealed for support, "These challenges include organizing an inclusive national dialogue, organizing democratic, free and transparent elections and significant support for the government's ability to meet the socio-economic needs of the population."

Washington has sent a team of experts to investigate Moise's murder, with a focus on any connection to the United States.

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