Haitian hospitals at full capacity after quake

Vital Marc Elie is one of thousands wounded in a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti.

A disaster that has caused hospitals in the city of Les Cayes to overflow with people needing treatment.

Beds have been left in corridors and tents set up outside the crumbling buildings to cater for the number of patients.

"I fell and fainted. I woke up here in the hospital. The shin bone is broken. The tibia is broken. I'm here waiting to talk to the doctors to find out what's going to happen. I hope everything is all right."

Other quake victims at the hospital have similar stories.

This woman says her two-year-old son got injured, after the walls of their house fell on his leg.

Officials slowly tallied the dead and missing in remote nearby villages on Thursday (August 19) after another tremor shook buildings late on Wednesday (August 18) in Les Cayes, according to a Reuters witness.

Funeral directors in the city are struggling to deal with the number of corpses that have arrived, with bodies left piling up outside some facilities.

Survivors have shown increasing frustration about the sluggish arrival of relief to hard-hit areas.

Dozens even went to the airport demanding food after a helicopter arrived carrying supplies.

Jerry Chandler, head of Haiti's civil protection agency, told a news conference he knew aid had yet to reach many areas but officials were working hard to deliver it.

He added that there were at least 600,000 people in need of humanitarian assistance and some 135,000 families were displaced.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry said late on Wednesday that the whole country was physically and mentally devastated.

Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, is still recovering from a 2010 quake that killed over 200,000.

The latest disaster struck just weeks after President Jovenel Moise was assassinated on July 7, plunging the nation of 11 million people into political turmoil.

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