Haiti quake survivors fear for children's future

Instead of enjoying precious moments with their newborn baby, one family caught in the middle of Haiti's 7.2 magnitude earthquake had just a few moments to grab their baby and run.

Father Pierre Alexandre retold the tense moment of escape when the walls of the hospital started to shake:

"My baby was in the neonatology area with the nurses and doctors. There were around 10 babies there and I was somewhere else, talking to my wife, when we felt the earthquake. She wanted to run but I said: 'No, we have to protect ourselves under the bed.' Unfortunately, the bed was too low so we couldn't protect ourselves there. . .We quickly went to the neonatology area, took our baby with us and went outside."

The three survived, though the hospital suffered damage that forced some of its departments, including the neonatal ward, to operate outside for days after the disaster.

Over 2,000 people were killed in the earthquake.

The Southern city of Les Cayes was one of the worst-hit areas, where makeshift hospitals and disaster tents have been hastily set up.

Survivors of the quake are not just concerned about themselves, their biggest worry is how to provide for their children.

Over half a million children were affected by the earthquake, the U.N. children's agency UNICEF said. Many of the young children suffer from hunger, fevers, and infections.

For parents, Jean and Pierre Alexandre, their problems are only beginning.

Their entire potato and yuca crops were unreachable - leaving them barely any food to eat.

Although recovery efforts are still ongoing, despite bad weather. In one encouraging story late on Sunday, 24 people reported missing, including 4 children, were rescued.

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