Haiti demonstrators call on U.S. to shift support

Haitians protested on Wednesday against the government of President Jovenel Moise and asked for new leadership in the United States to shift their support away from Moise.

Moise runs the impoverished nation by decree after a political impasse left Haiti without a parliament. But corruption allegations against Moise and a flailing economy have fuelled anger against his government.

Following recent U.S. elections, many protesters directed their anger towards Washington for their reported support of Moise.

The political situation has cut Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, off from some international funding. This has further hindered its ability to respond to the worsening economic crisis, including food shortages.

One in three Haitians, around 3.7 million people, needs urgent food assistance, up from 2.6 million people at the end of 2018. Haiti ranks 111 out of 117 countries on the Global Hunger Index, near poor sub-Saharan African countries.