Haiti arrests alleged plotters to oust president

An alleged plot to overthrow Haiti's president led to the arrests of two dozen people on Sunday.

In a news conference, Haiti's Justice Minister said the detained people included a senior police official and a Supreme Court judge.

"A judge was caught less than 48 hours ago. He has been captured along with an inspector general of the police. They were planning to arrest the president and invade the palace to install a provisional president who already has his speech prepared."

Later on Sunday, President Jovenel Moise said the plotters' aim was an "attempt on my life."

Moise has been accused of being a dictator who's done little to resolve the worst economic crisis in the Western hemisphere.

The arrests follow opposition leaders this week announcing a plan to replace Moise with a new head of state, instead of waiting for general elections scheduled for September.

Earlier on Sunday, anti-government demonstrations also broke out across the Caribbean nation.

Police in Port-Au-Prince responded with tear gas.

Moise has ruled by decree since mid-January.

He plans to hold a referendum on amending the constitution later this year, which the opposition fears could give him too much power.

Although, he has said he'll step down when his term expires in 2022.