The Hairy Bikers on their most intimate moments, favourite meals and memorable adventures

Two of the UK's favourite cooks, The Hairy Bikers chat to Kate about their most intimate moments with each other, their globe-trotting adventures and closest calls, and the meals that meant the most to them.

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Video transcript

DAVE MYERS: You know like when you get a call sheet when you're filming? We wanted to write call sheets we wanted to get. You know, like don't get up too early. You know, go and eat something somewhere, and you know, go and listen to music.

Back in the old days, we used to do all the research ourselves. I'd schedule it. Kingy would do the camera positions and locations.


DAVE MYERS: Yeah. And the director just turned up and shot it.

KATE THORNTON: You were like YouTubers before YouTube was even a thing.

DAVE MYERS: Yeah, YouTube for prime time.



SIMON KING: We knew that there was this mad energy and it's a bit zany and a bit off the wall and a bit nuts that was just going to make good telly. Because Dave and I watched the telly and you know what you want to see.

KATE THORNTON: Have you ever come close to being arrested on any of your travels?

SIMON KING: Oh yeah, numerous times. Yeah. Yes. Dave got nicked for jaywalking on the strip in Las Vegas, which was hilarious.

DAVE MYERS: Nearly got shot in-- it was in Turkey--

SIMON KING: Now, that wasn't good.

DAVE MYERS: --on the Syrian-- Iran-Iraq border in Kurdistan.

SIMON KING: I'll tell you what was hilarious, Kate. There was-- there's a certain anatomical reaction that you have when you see an armored vehicle's gun turret come towards you.


It's just-- you just think, ooh.


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