The Hairy Bikers' intimate moment in a skip after a drunken night out

The Hairy Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers, talk Kate through how they ended up sharing an intimate moment in a skip after a drunken night out.

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Video transcript

DAVE MEYERS: I ended up in a skip, didn't I?

KATE THORNTON: You ended up in a skip. Now when I get an answer like that, I'm excited. Rewind, Dave. How did you end up in a skip?

DAVE MEYERS: I don't know, Kate.


DAVE MEYERS: We were with-- like, Joey Dunlop was the greatest motorcycle racer of all time who sadly got killed in Estonia. And we were with his widow, Linda Dunlop, and her friend Eunice. And we'd had a thoroughly good drunken night with all the TT riders.

I'd paid 400 quid for a section of banner from the TT truck, which God knows-- somehow, with this rolled up onto my arm, I ended up in a skip. But then I looked up from the skip, and there was somebody having a wee in the skip.

KATE THORNTON: That you were in.


KATE THORNTON: And who was it?



SI KING: I didn't see you. It was dark. You know, I went, where's Dave gone? Oh, well, I don't know. I'll stop for a wee. So I had a wee in the skip. And he's going, Kingy, I'm in here.

I go, what are you doing in there? And he's going, I don't know, but it's wet. And I'm going, that's because I'm having a wee. he's going, will you stop doing that? And I'm going, I can't help it now I've started, can I? You know. So it was all that.

DAVE MEYERS: But we're on our way to get some cheesy chips on the way home.


DAVE MEYERS: So-- so that kind of defines our friendship, really.



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