Hairdresser Crafts Boris Johnson Artwork From Hair Clippings

A hairdresser in England’s southwest spent two business days arranging hair clippings she’d collected from clients, friends, and family into an artwork of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

This video, shot on November 3 by Davinia Fox of HAIR by Davinia, shows the artwork spread over a white background on the floor of her salon in Rockwell Green.

In a Facebook post Fox said she had gathered the clippings “from the end of the [first] lockdown to the beginning of the second lockdown.”

“I had cut and carefully saved over half a black sack,” she wrote. “It took me approximately 16 hours to complete and is 5 foot by 3 foot!”

“I chose Boris as I believe he’s just a man trying to do the best job he can,” Fox told Storyful. “He dealt with Brexit, then had to deal with the pandemic no one [knew] anything about, got married, became a new Dad, caught Covid himself, ended in hospital and nearly died.”

She said the artwork took her approximately 16 hours and was “so fun doing this crazy art”. Credit: HAIR by Davinia via Storyful

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