Cult haircare brand Olaplex reveals plans to expand into skincare

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Olaplex have announced plans to create skincare products. (Olaplex)
Olaplex have announced plans to create skincare products. (Olaplex)

They have developed cult status as a haircare brand thanks to products that perform wonders on frazzled locks.

Now, Olaplex have revealed exciting plans to expand their offering into other areas of beauty – namely skincare.

Their intention to broaden their range was revealed as they took steps to file for an initial public offering on the US stock market.

Accompanying their decision, reported, was a statement that said the company were "well positioned" to expand into the $633bn – or £456bn – beauty and personal care category.

They said: "We believe consumers would be interested in Olaplex product offerings in other beauty categories, such as skincare, a $140 billion global category."

While they didn't reveal any specifics about which products they'd be seeking to form, they did provide a small clue of what could come – stating that they wanted to "create clean, healthy solutions for the broader personal care needs of our consumers".

The California-based company, who have made a name for their "science-backed" haircare – including shampoo, conditioner, oils and masks – were founded in 2014 and currently control more than a hundred patents.

As such, interest in their skincare offering is likely to be huge, with items almost certain to become best-sellers.

According to Olaplex, they make a sale on their No 3 Hair Perfector every five seconds.

The at-home treatment, which should be washed out after 10 minutes and reduces breakage as well as visibly strengthens hair, retails for £17.99 on Amazon.

In July, research found that the same product was one of the most-purchased beauty items during lockdown.

Among the other labels to rank highly was The Ordinary, another research-driven beauty brand who are likely to rival them in the future skincare market. 

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