Gymnasts get a taste of COVID-era Olympics

At a hotel in Tokyo, 30 gymnasts from around the world are getting a taste of what athletes might face when the city hosts the postponed Olympic Games next year.

The one-off meet is seen as a trial run for how international athletes may travel to and stay in Japan during the Games.

Rules are strict: the teams stay on separate floors, trains at different times, and are chaperoned as they travel between activities.

Daily COVID-19 tests are taken before breakfast, and everyone must pass through temperature checks and anti-bacterial sprays when arriving at the meet venue.

Despite the restrictions, US team coach Tricia Scott says there are advantages to the situation.

"For the athletes, there is a lot more time to take turns on the equipment than there usually would be. We don't have to vie for space, taking turns on beam or taking turns on bars. I think sometimes other teams and other countries want to push ahead and take a turn, even if they are not up in the line-up. We don't have to deal with it all, so that part is very nice."