Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals How Often She Works Out — and Why It's Now with 'a Lot Less Intensity'

The Oscar winner briefly broke down her workout routine during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on her Instagram Stories

<p>Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty</p> Gwyneth Paltrow attends Paris Fashion Week on January 23, 2024

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty

Gwyneth Paltrow attends Paris Fashion Week on January 23, 2024

Gwyneth Paltrow is breaking down her workout routine.

The Oscar winner, 51, gave fans a brief rundown of how frequently she works out — and what she does to stay active — during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on her Instagram Stories on Friday, April 26.

During the Q&A, Paltrow was asked how many days a week she works out, and she filmed a selfie video in response.

"I do something six days a week, but with a lot less intensity than I used to," she revealed while wearing a striped sweater and walking through the Santa Monica, California, headquarters of her lifestyle brand Goop.

"Even just going for an hour walk, or like now, I'm walking around our giant Goop office. I usually take multiple spins around to stretch my legs," Paltrow continued of her workouts.

"But I try to do something — a little something — everyday," she added.

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<p>Instagram/gwynethpaltrow</p> Gwyneth Paltrow details her workout routine on Instagram


Gwyneth Paltrow details her workout routine on Instagram

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Later during the AMA, a fan asked Paltrow how she got "comfortable" in her skin and learned to love herself. As she explained, she first had to "talk to myself."

"Diane von Fürstenberg taught me how to do that, how to wake up in the morning and look at myself and be happy to see myself and say nice things to myself instead of terrible things to myself," Paltrow explained.

"She really taught me about the importance of becoming your own best friend," she added. "And that really is how you relate to yourself and things you say to yourself."

<p>J. Merritt/Getty</p> Gwyneth Paltrow attends the 2018 Sun Valley Film Festival

J. Merritt/Getty

Gwyneth Paltrow attends the 2018 Sun Valley Film Festival

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Friday wasn't the first time Paltrow opened up about breaking a sweat on social media, as she previously gave a little workout insight during another AMA session in March.

At the time, a fan asked Paltrow what she gravitates toward for "workout clothing," to which she revealed that she's all about Spanx.

“Weirdly I am very into Spanx,” she responded, sharing a photo of her rocking what appeared to be a pair of red Booty Boost Active Contour Rib 7/8 Leggings from the company.

During that same Q&A session, Paltrow was also asked how she got into wellness — something she attributed as being a result of her late father's health challenges. (Paltrow's dad, Bruce Paltrow, died in October 2002 of throat cancer at age 58.)

“It was actually because my father was diagnosed with cancer when I was about 25 years old and that started to catalyze my foray into understanding food, environmental toxins, food as medicine [and] alternative stuff like acupuncture,” Paltrow said.

“So it started a long time ago ... I don’t know, in the mid-'90s, because of my dad," she added.

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