Gutfeld Calls NYC Protesters ‘Jackasses’ Who ‘Interfere With Other People’s Jobs’: ‘They Don’t Work, They Have the Time’ (Video)

Greg Gutfeld didn’t hold back Monday while arguing against a group New Yorkers protesting the chokehold death of homeless street performer Jordan Neely.

Sitting with his fellow “The Five” panelists for Fox News, the conservative personality slammed those protesting as “jackasses” and “idiots.” The comments came after the program played video coverage of the protesters showing many standing in the middle of the tracks and “clashing with police,” an action that reportedly led to 12 arrested.

“These people are idiots,” Gutfeld said. “These people don’t work, they have the time to interfere with other people’s jobs. These people have nothing to do.”

Co-host Jeanine Pirro also chimed in on the matter, saying, “Most of the people who protest don’t even know what they’re protesting about. Whether they want to stop a subway system or they want to stop traffic for an environmental crimes or they want to destroy paintings, they just do it to fight about something, and it’s very very disappointing.”

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Neely, a homeless man known as a street performer and his impersonation of Michael Jackson, was killed Thursday on the New York subway after being held in a chokehold by a former Marine named Daniel J. Penny for 15 minutes. Penny reportedly subdued Neely in a chokehold after an altercation that began when Neely entered the train that afternoon and started yelling.

A fellow passenger who filmed the incident told NBC New York that Neely got on the train and “began to say a somewhat aggressive speech, saying he was hungry, he was thirsty, that he didn’t care about anything, he didn’t care about going to jail, he didn’t care that he gets a big life sentence.”

Neely was unconscious when police arrived and pronounced dead at a nearby hospital shortly after. Protesters have taken to the New York streets and subway calling for Penny’s arrest after he was taken into custody for questioning and released, as well as city reform in mental health services for the homeless.

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“They want to make this into another George Floyd, but this guy actually attacks people and was a danger to himself and a danger to others,” Gutfeld said Monday, responding to the footage.

He added that his headline for Penny’s defense would read: “‘Heroes Protect Horrified Straphangers,’ because that’s what happened.”

Watch the full “The Five” segment in the video above.