'Gustnadoes' Merge Amid Stormy Weather in Central Kansas

A storm chaser in central Kansas filmed two gustnadoes merging into one as the area was under tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings on May 9.

Footage tweeted by Scott Nicholson, who runs the storm-chasing account Mobile Weather Office, shows the merging gustnadoes near Rozel.

Additional footage from Nicholson shows dust being blown by a tornado-warned storm near Zurich, as the Kansas Highway Patrol warned drivers traveling on I-70 to “watch out for blowing dust and reduced visibility.”

Nicholson told Storyful that “a line of severe thunderstorms with embedded supercells tracked across central Kansas” on Tuesday, May 9.

“These storms were mostly elevated and outflow dominant, kicking out cold air ahead of the thunderstorms,” he said. "Dust and dirt were kicked up as a result.

“Dozens of gustnadoes were observed when this outflow created small vortices,” Nicholson said. Credit: Scott Nicholson via Storyful

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