Gun Fired at Charlotte Comedy Club Where Craig Robinson Was About to Perform

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A man fired a gun at The Comedy Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Craig Robinson was in he green room waiting to perform, police told ABC News.

No one was injured and the gunman was arrested. Police say he arrived at the club Saturday at 9 p.m. and brandished a weapon, causing everyone to flee.

“He brandished a firearm inside the business, which was quickly evacuated,” the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said. “The suspect then discharged his weapon. There were no injuries and the suspect was taken into custody.”

Robinson, who was scheduled to perform that night, said on Instagram he was in the green room when the evacuation order came.

“I’m performing at The Comedy Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina — there was an active shooter in the comedy club,” he said.

Police had not yet identified the shooter or given a possible motive.

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