Guinea pro-democracy protests turn deadly

STORY: Two people have died, doctors in Guinea's capital Conakry have said, amid clashes between police and anti-government protesters.

Many were also reportedly injured in the latest in a string of protests since a 2021 military coup.

On Wednesday (May 10), demonstrators threw stones and burned makeshift barricades as white clouds of tear gas drifted through the streets.

Two doctors working at a city clinic said they had received two people who had died during the clashes.

A police spokesperson did not confirm the deaths but said that about 20 police had been injured.

A committee of opposition groups, civil society organizations and activists had called for peaceful demonstrations on Wednesday and Thursday (May 11) - saying in a statement, "let no one shrink from intimidation and repression".

Guinea's junta has been dragging its feet on handing power back to civilians.

Last October, it proposed a two-year- transition to elections.

That was down from a three-year timeline earlier rejected by the main regional economic and political bloc, the Economic Community of West African States.

Many remain unimpressed and previous protests have also proved deadly.

Organizers reported the deaths of several protesters from gunshot wounds earlier this year and in 2022.