Guinea opposition signals openness to transition

The opposition party in Guinea signaled they are open to participate in the country's political transition, just a few days after the military staged a coup.

The main opposition leader, Cellou Dalain Diallo, is a long-standing rival of deposed President Alpha Conde.

On Tuesday (September 7) he spoke to Reuters about the political transition:

"I have no objections, at the moment I have not been invited but I have said several times in the media that I was available and I know that my partners are also ready to participate in a transitional government."

But so far - not many details have emerged about what that would look like.

The elite unit that stormed Guinea's presidency and seized 83-year old Conde on Sunday (September 5) have promised to set up a transitional government but have not given details of what form it would take, or a timeframe.

Diallo said there was a need to establish a transition that would organise free and transparent elections, and put in place legitimate and democratic institutions.

Also on Tuesday, eighty political prisoners detained during the previous administration were released.

People chanted in celebration at the prison gates.

A number of prisoners who had protested against ousted President Conde's third term made up those being released.

West African countries have threatened sanctions following the overthrow of Conde, who was serving a third term after altering the constitution to permit it.

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