Guinea opposition leader claims victory

Guinea's opposition candidate claims to have won the first round of the October 18 presidential election.

Causing his supporters to flock to the streets in celebration.

But Cellou Dalein Diallo’s declaration was quickly disputed by the electoral commission and the government, setting the stage for a stand-off.

He did not give any figures but said the tally was based on his party's count.

The official tally, being conducted by the national election commission, has yet to be published.

Guinea's government called Diallo's statement irresponsible and one that could undermine peace in the West African state.

Diallo is the main challenger to Guinea's 82-year-old incumbent president, Alpha Conde.

He is seeking a third mandate after a constitutional change in March sparked deadly protests.

Diallo's supporters swept into the streets in his strongholds after his announcement, declaring their alleged victory.

"I am really happy, I realize now that Dalein has won, what I've done (voting for him) is not lost."

Diallo said on Twitter that three young men were killed in the capital, and several others injured by security forces while they celebrated his victory.

Rights groups say at least 50 people having been killed over the past year during demonstrations against the constitutional change that allowed Conde to seek at least six more years in power.