Guardiola ‘not optimistic’ over Spain change; urges La Liga to learn from PL after Vinicius Junior racism

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Pep Guardiola looks serious Credit: Alamy
Pep Guardiola looks serious Credit: Alamy

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has urged La Liga to learn from the Premier League’s “strict” approach to tackling racism in football.

Brazil international Vinicius was subjected to monkey chants in his side’s 1-0 defeat at Valencia in LaLiga last weekend.

Valencia were given a partial stadium ban for five matches plus a fine of 45,000 euros (£39,000) – a punishment the club called “totally disproportionate” – while Real, who said the incident constituted a “hate crime”, filed a complaint with the Spanish State Attorney General’s Office.

Speaking about the awful abuse suffered by Vinicius, Guardiola told reporters: “They should [La Liga learn from the Premier League]. Here they are so strict [on fighting racism]. They know what they have to do. This is a problem eveywhere… thinking that we are better than our neighbours, we are better than the other one.

“For all generations everywhere. Our ancestors come from migrants, wars, dictators and have to move on from countries. Build families there and come back to where you’re born.

“The problem is that there is racism everywhere. Not just for gender but for colour. Believing that our language is better than the other one, our country is better than the other one.

“We need to accept the diversity like a human being- but right now, we are far away from that. Hopefully we can get better in Spain but I’m not optimistic.”

Guardiola added: “There are a lot of black people stepping forward to defend what they should not defend. Hopefully justice will do it.”

The Manchester City boss was given a brief cameo in a recent episode of hit TV series Ted Lasso and Guardiola has revealed he’s a big fan.

Guardiola continued: “As a family we are a big fan, my little daughter and my wife, we enjoy watching the show. When they came to offer a cameo, I said why not and I could meet the actors.

“One of the games they had they came here and we had a chat, it was nice. We [City] are so proud to make Man City who we are. These are steps to show how we can [build] on the past.”

Guardiola’s side have been doing brilliantly this season with the Premier League title already wrapped, while they still have the FA Cup and Champions League finals to look forward to as they aim to win the Treble.

When asked for his thoughts ahead of the two finals, Guardiola replied: “In my experience the best way to play a final is to disconnect as much as possible.

“Even our physios and cookers, they need to disconnect. They are here working 10 hours, it is a stressful period.

“That’s why, go with your families, play golf, do whatever you want. You have to train few but exactly what we did for the final.

“I go with my family. I don’t forget about football but… family time, good resturants.”

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