GTA 6 release date looks set for 2024 — here’s the proof

 A concept image for GTA 6
A concept image for GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been hinted to arrive in 2024 by publisher Take-Two, finally bringing a new GTA game after nearly 10 years.

While Take-Two didn't explicitly name GTA 6 in a statement about its yearly earnings, the company did say it will release a number of games between April 2024 and March 2025 (this is the timeframe Take-Two’s fiscal year covers) that'll help it pull in billions of dollars.

“In fiscal 2025, we expect to enter this new era by launching several groundbreaking titles that we believe will set new standards in our industry and enable us to achieve over $8 billion in net bookings,” Take-Two explained.

From that, we and others in the media, predict one of those games will be GTA 6; this is based on some speculation and fueled by the simmering rumors of a new GTA game. And given the numbers Take-Two is touting, it would likely need to push out a game as large as GTA to rake in the cash.

How likely is a 2024 release for GTA 6?

From what we have seen percolating in the soup that is GTA 6 rumors, we suspect that GTA 6 could launch in the fall of 2024.

GTA V arrived on September 17, 2013, so there’s a tentative precedent for the game to launch in the fall months. It would also make sense, as releasing a game — even one as attention-grabbing at Grand Theft Auto — in the summer is hit and miss. Because, well, people do tend to go outside then.

And a fall release would give GTA 6 room to breathe after the usual spate of game announcements seen in June, as well as see it arrive at a time when Game of the Year awards tend to be discussed.

As for details on GTA 6 itself, there have been all manner of rumors, from its setting to its characters. But when some leaked footage of GTA 6 surfaced, developer Rockstar did confirm it was real. The footage showed off what appears to be a refreshed version of Vice City — GTA’s satirical take on Miami.

We’d also expect to see GTA 6 feature multiple characters, including a female player character, which would be a first for the GTA series. And we predict combat, driving and general game action to be an evolution of that in GTA V, tapping into the hardware of the Xbox Series X and PS5, especially the latter with its advanced haptics.

Expect more GTA 6 rumors to bubble up as the year moves on.

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