Gruesome moment cobra regurgitates seven eggs it stole from a chicken coop

This is a gruesome moment a cobra regurgitated seven eggs it stole from a chicken coop.

The hungry reptile sparked panic when it raided the farm in Trang, southern Thailand on Wednesday night (May 13).

Farmer Chaweewan Tangsae heard her poultry screeching and was shocked to find a black snake inside the coop, which slithered away when it saw her.

Rescue workers arrived and searched for the serpent before they found a 3ft long cobra hiding in a pile of rusty car parts.

Footage from the rescuer's helmet camera shows him drawing the cobra out of its hiding spot.

The snake was visibly full and had ridges along its scales where it had swallowed the eggs. It then writhed and contorted as it brought the eggs back up, with all of them remaining in tact.

After the regurgitation, the cobra appeared to be exhausted and was easily captured by the rescue team.

Relieved farmer Chaweewan said she was so frightened by the snake that she did not dare to look at it.

She said: "When I saw the snake in the coop I immediately ran out and called the rescue team. I just told them I saw a black snake because I did not dare to look at it again."

The cobra was put into the sack and was released back to the wild afterwards. The eggs were put back into the coop but it's not known if they will hatch.