Grouse Strolls Close to Skiers at Colorado Ski Resort

A group of skiers had a close encounter with a grouse on a trail in Summit County, Colorado, recently shared video shows.

Summit County resident Kevin Callahan was skiing with friends at the Copper Mountain ski resort when they came across a grouse in the middle of the trail.

Speaking to Storyful, Callahan said they did their best to give the grouse some space. “We slowed down to go around it but it felt that we were encroaching on its space so it seemed a bit unhappy at first. But then it started running with us,” he said.

“No grouse were harmed in the making of this video,” Callahan added. Credit: Kevin Callahan via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh, yeah.

- Hi, little grousy grouse.

- Rip it, buddy. Come on, jump on my skis. No, he's just--

- You think we can pet him?

- He's not afraid of us, at all.

- Hey, buddy. [SQUAWKING SOUNDS]

- [LAUGHS] This is nice. We'll just surround him. What's up? Make a noise. Do something. Hey. Well, I got some-- I got some crackers. You going to peck my-- Oh, god. But he's aggressive.

- Yeah. Are you like breathing right now? What's the deal? I'm not that horny.

- I think the ladies are the ones that have the eyebrows. That may be a lady grouse.

- It could be.

- It's got a-- saw a little beak right there.

- Oh, damn. Yo, I'm sorry, dude. I'm going. I'm going, dude.

- You want to ride down the mountain?

- Let's go. He's like, I think, he's like telling me to follow him. I think there's trouble in the old well. No. What did I do to you?

- Look out.

- This is awesome. This is so sick. Trail grouse. Dude, you what?