How a group of Iraqi volunteers took solidarity online

Stay-at-home restrictions and other new measures mean that the number of people in need in northern Iraq has dramatically increased in the last few months.

Many of the lowest-income earners have been driven out of employment altogether.

But there are volunteers trying to help their hurting neighbors, and the grassroots solidarity campaign "Takaful" is one of them.

It all starts from a radio studio in Erbil.

They reach out to people through their broadcast and asked people to send in their aid requests through text messages.

When the messages land, special software organizes it all.

Different volunteer groups can coordinate with each other by logging on to the system.

Yaser Almola's "Safe the Future Organization" is one of them:

"Many volunteer groups and organisations were doing distributions without coordination amongst each other. This meant that beneficiaries in some areas would receive aid twice, while other areas would be left unattended. We were very quick to join the project "Takaful"because it increases justice and the efficiency of volunteer teams by coordinating teams and beneficiaries."

Given the ongoing economic crisis in Iraq, the initiative hopes it can be replicated throughout the country and hopefully help more people in need.