F1 driver’s ‘miracle’ escape from fiery crash

Formula one driver Romain Grosjean is counting his blessings after his 'miracle' escape from the fiery wreckage of his car over the weekend.

His Haas car slammed into the barriers of the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix then ripped in half before exploding.

Seconds later, the 34-year-old Frenchman was able to free himself and jump clear of the fire.

He was then was taken to a nearby military hospital.

Grosjean suffered only minor burns on his hands and ankles.

In a video, he credited the car's so-called 'halo' protection bar with saving his life:

"Just wanted to say I am okay, well, sort of okay. Thank you very much for all the messages. I mean, I wasn't for the halo some years ago, but I think it's the greatest thing that was brought to Formula One and without it I wouldn't be able to speak to you today."

The race was delayed for an hour and 20 minutes as the wrecked barrier was replaced, before world champion Lewis Hamilton went on to win the title.