Groomsman Hilariously Ruins Wedding Photo with Giant Wedgie: 'I'll Never Live It Down' (Exclusive)

“I knew that my pants were giving me trouble, but I had no idea the extent of what was going on down there," the groomsman, Brennan Young, tells PEOPLE

<p>Brennan Young/TikTok</p> Brennan Young/TikTok

Brennan Young/TikTok

Brennan Young/TikTok

A groomsman, who unknowingly found himself the “butt” of a joke at a wedding, is detailing how it all went down.

Brennan Young, 23, shared a TikTok video — which eventually went viral — of himself explaining why he “ruined” a “sweet moment” at his friend’s wedding. He showed a snap of all the groomsmen in a circle praying over his friend and himself sporting a pair of light colored pants with a deep wedgie.

“I tried to pull up my pants so they would fit better on my ankles, which they do. But as you can tell, my butt looked like that the entire night,” he explained in the video. “And I had no clue until he texted it the next day and said, ‘Benny is cheeked up.’”

Young exclusively tells PEOPLE that when he found out about the whole incident, he initially felt “deep embarrassment,” but he eventually made light of the situation.

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“I laughed so hard,” he says. “I knew that my pants were giving me trouble, but I had no idea the extent of what was going on down there.”

“I was so focused on my shirt staying tucked in since it was too big, and I wanted my pants to fit well on my ankles,” he continues. “I was constantly pulling up my pants, but I was definitely uncomfortable in the pants.”

He says he had even been around family and friends “the entire day” and they hadn’t said “a word” to him about the situation. “They’re wrong for that,” he adds with a laugh. Though, he admits that he still has the pants and may even wear it for a “future video.”

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Ultimately Young says he decided to post the hilarious photo because it provided “great amusement” to his family and friends and he “hoped people would find it as entertaining as I did.”

"I’m never pulling up my pants ever again! I blame Men’s Wearhouse. I blame myself. I hate that someone captured this. I’ll never live it down but at least I can laugh!" he captioned his TikTok.

“The response has been overwhelming,” he says of the viral video. “Some of my friends would joke about me having a flat butt so it was comical to see so many people affirm me. It’s been so entertaining to see which celebrities like the video, and a like/comment from SZA made this wedgie worth it.”

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He says what had began as an embarrassing moment for him turned out to be a “memorable” part of the whole celebration — for not just him, but for the bride and groom, Alyse and Owen Daly.

The wedding couple tells to PEOPLE, “Our wedding was already an amazing day, this was just icing on the cake! [We] never imagined millions of people would have seen a part of our wedding, but [we] definitely didn’t think it would be of Brennan’s cheeks. Anyway, [we’re] glad Brennan went with the slim pants even though we all told him he needed to size up. As SZA said, some prayers are moving to a booty clenching level!”

“My wedgie and all of the attention it got makes the wedding memorable for a different reason,” Young jokes. “Everyone’s opinion of my wedgie has provided so many laughs.”

As for Young’s advice for people who may find themselves in the same situation: “Own it!”

“If you can’t laugh at it, you are too hard on yourself,” he explains. “Everything should be viewed as good fun. If you have a public wardrobe malfunction, do you part in making it memorable. It’s not worth the embarrassment unless you can laugh it!”

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