Groom Sparks Outrage After Dousing Bride with Champagne at Their Wedding: 'Thought He Was at a Frat Party'

The groom later responded to the negative feedback he received after a video of the moment went viral, quipping, "I'm getting canceled on the internet for having fun [with] my wife"

<p>Getty </p> A stock image of a person spraying champagne


A stock image of a person spraying champagne

A groom put a damper on his wedding — literally — with an over-the-top champagne spray celebration.

In a video shared on TikTok, the groom can be seen standing by a lake alongside his bride, holding a just-popped bottle of champagne and shaking it as it sprays upward. Then, inexplicably, he turns toward the bride and points the bottle directly at her, spraying her face, hair and pristine white wedding dress, which prompts her to put her arms up to shield herself.

At first, people can be heard off-camera cheering the groom on but as the bride gets soaked, cries of "No! Not on her!" begin.

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After the bride steps out of the spray and attempts to wipe the sticky liquid off herself, the groom proceeds to drink some of the champagne straight from the bottle. He then walks over to the bride, inviting her to enjoy some of the bubbly herself. Appearing unruffled by her husband's antics, she laughs, takes a drink and even sprays him with champagne in turn.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the groom, named Cole Hennessey, originally posted the champagne spray video on his own TikTok following the couple's Lake Como, Italy, wedding, but has since deleted it after receiving quite a few critical comments.

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One person wrote, "If my husband decided to give me a champagne shower on my wedding day, he'd be in that lake," per the outlet, while another commented elsewhere, "He thought he was at a frat party."

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"Married and divorced in the same week," quipped another person.

One TikTok user pointed out that the groom "then had the nerve to make sure he didn't get any [champagne] on his suit."

Hennessey later responded to the negative feedback by posting a selfie on his Instagram Stories, capturing himself and wife Kristal Kim smiling together. He captioned the photo, "Day one of honeymoon: I'm getting canceled on the internet for having fun [with] my wife."

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The next day, he followed up with another photo of Kim holding an open champagne bottle by the sea on the Amalfi Coast, and wrote: "Honeymoon day two: more champagne."

A woman who appears to be Hennessey's sister shared a snippet of the champagne incident in an Instagram video featuring highlights from the pair's wedding, describing the nuptials as "truly the sweetest day ever."

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