Grocery Staples Cleared From Sydney Supermarket Shelves During Coronavirus Outbreak

Canned tuna, flour and household staples like toilet paper and tissues were in short supply at a supermarket in the Sydney suburb of Epping on March 3 as the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus across Australia rose.

In this video, filmed at a Coles outlet in Epping, some shelves normally containing long-life products such as rice, instant noodles and frozen foods were emptied.

Both Coles and Woolworths, the largest supermarket chains in Australia, said they had increased deliveries to cope with the spike in demand for some food items, and other household staples. Ongoing shortages of hand sanitiser were being reported across multiple retail networks.

As of March 3 Australia had 33 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 21 of those patients reported to have recovered from the virus. Credit: Julie Lee via Storyful