Grizzly Bear Charges at Man in Southern British Columbia

A bear charged at a man who was walking home at night in Rossland, British Columbia, on September 2. The video captured by Jeremy Girard shows a grizzly bear running towards him before the animal darts off to the side at the last moment.

The behavior is known as “bluff charging” and it is meant to intimidate, according to the National Park Service.

Girard told Storyful he was walking home with his head down looking at his phone when he heard a noise.

“I looked up and saw a bear running, quickly setting up video on my phone I swung around as a bear charged me,” said Girard. “Although common to see bears in Rossland, it is rare for a grizzly bear to be in town.”

Girard estimated the bear was about 10 feet away from him and the animal ended up moving in the other direction after the charge. Credit: Jeremy Girard via Storyful

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