'Grinch' Seen Swiping Christmas Decoration From Family's Yard in Queens, New York

A man was caught on a security camera taking an oversize nutcracker Christmas decoration from a front yard on December 14, according to a family in Queens, New York.

Ring footage, shared by Diana D’Alessandro Coppola, shows the person getting out of his car, walking up the yard, and removing the decoration.

According to Coppola’s post, the Grinch is a repeat offender.

“This disgusting piece of scum came to our house three times last night and stole half of our Christmas decorations,” she wrote. "If anyone knows us, you know that we love Christmas and all that comes with it.

“This year? With all that going on in the world? We just wanted to bring a little cheer to our lives and those of our neighbors,” she added.

The decorations have not yet been returned, Coppola told CBS2. The family told local media the decorations that were taken couldn’t have cost more than $200, but they had sentimental value. Credit: Diana D’Alessandro Coppola via Storyful