The grim future of Brazil's 'graveyard of ships'

STORY: This is Rio de Janeiro's "graveyard of ships"

Dozens of ships have been abandoned here

to rot and rust on the heavily polluted bay

Activists are increasingly concerned

about the impact on the environment

(Sergio Ricardo, Environmentalist)

“The San Luiz bulk carrier clashed against the Niteroi River’s bridge, which drew attention to the existence of this graveyard of ships. Sao Luiz remains in Rio’s port with 55 tons of fuel inside it. It’s a ship with high corrosion, it is not safe and it can cause an environmental disaster.”

Once home to thriving marine life, the

bay's mangrove population has declined

Sea-horses, green turtles and Guiana dolphins

are now being threatened by the graveyard's pollution

Local media reports say authorities are

studying how to remove the ships