Stork Attacks Vehicle in Suspected Grief Over Death of Chick

An angry stork was caught on camera as it repeatedly attacked a car in Sevlievo, Bulgaria, recently published footage shows.

Pavlin Petrov recorded the curious incident near his friend’s car-repair business in the small town.

In the video, the bird can be seen walking around the vehicle and charging on the car again and again, in what looks like an attempt to break in.

The song Pytuvam, released in 2008 by Bulgarian band Akaga and singer Dicho, is playing loudly from the car, and the bird’s violent reaction would seem to suggest that it isn’t a fan.

Petrov, however, had a different explanation for the animal’s unusual behaviour. He told Storyful: “This bird had three babies. Some weeks ago, one of the babies went down and died on the roof of a car.”

“Every day since then, the mother has been coming down and trying to destroy the other cars parked here.”

The Audubon Society reports instances of grief and mourning in birds with high intelligence. Credit: Pavlin Petrov via Storyful

Video transcript


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