‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Are So Angry With DeLuca’s Storyline Right Now

Emma Baty

From Country Living

Hooboy, Grey’s fans, there’s much to discuss after this week’s episode, but the most urgent topic is obviously Dr. Andrew DeLuca. As you know if you’ve been keeping up with this season, the DeLuca character has been struggling with his mental health. In last night’s episode, it came to a head, and fans aren’t happy with how things turned out.

DeLuca was working in the clinic when a woman came in with her niece. He saw some of the signs of human trafficking, which doctors are trained to look for, and he tried to report it. He was written off by the people around him. The end of the episode showed the woman and the girl leaving the hospital, and their exchange while leaving was meant to make viewers understand that DeLuca was right all along. The end of the episode showed him riding really fast on his motorcycle, and it seemed pretty ominous.

Fans are upset about all this, but especially the fact that Grey’s writers conflated a mental health plotline with a human-trafficking storyline. Those two issues are so important on their own that they merit stories that aren’t intertwined. And the idea that DeLuca might get in an accident in the next episode? Not cool! Here are some of their reactions:

First they had to write off Alex this season, and if DeLuca is next, we riot.

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