Greta Thunberg moment now a miniature

STORY: A German toy shop is selling a tiny version

of this moment with Greta Thunberg

She was carried off by police during

anti-mining protests earlier this year

The miniature was created with a

3D printer and is meant for model railways

(Michael Hunerbein, Modell Center Hunerbein owner)

“We were a bit skeptical at first and had a bit of a stomach ache. We thought about it for a long time. Should we do it? Should we not do it? Because this is a very heated topic, a very hotly debated topic. There are many opinions for and against it. That's why you never know how people will really react and how customers will react. Our experience now is that everyone is having a lot of fun with it. Everyone sees it with a twinkle in their eye. It's gone down really well. The customers just have fun with it.”

Hunerbein said orders for the figure

came in from around the world